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Spider Lift
Spider Lift

Brief introduction of spider lift

1. Boom lift truck is lifting equipment for high-altitude operations,It can stride across the barriers to work ,the platform lift stop in any location,is available work while walking.
2.The aerial platform has automated drive and hydraulic automatic leg, which can be rotated 360°, moves flexible and convenient. it can enter to the narrow channel and crowded area to work. And can be drawn to any place.
3. Alternate power plant, operational working platform reset the control panel for easy identification, electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic system electrical integration.
4.With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to support the balance of whole machine, equipped with the security system in case of the emergency.
Lifting height range from:4m,6m,8m,10m, 12m, 14m
Loading capacity up to 160kg


For the wild variety of rugged terrain, a wide range of space operations, mainly used in construction, bridge construction, shipbuilding and construction, airports, mines, ports, telecommunications and power facilities and outdoor advertising engineering machinery and equipment.


Control button:the platform and ground both provide control button
Easy to move, strong flexibility for narrow space, wide working range.


Model Loading capacity(kg) Lift height(m) Working height(m) Overall demision(m) Overall weight(kg) voltage(v)
BL-6 160 6 7.7 2.30×0.88×2.02 500 380/220
BL-8 160 8 9.7 2.80×1.20×2.45 700 380/220
 BL-8A 160 8 9.7 2.80×1.20×2.45 750 380/220
 BL- 8C 160 8 9.7     2.80×1.20×2.45 1100 380/220
BL-10 160 10 11.7     3.50×1.70×2.90 1600 380/220
BL-12 160 12 13.7     3.80×1.90×2.90 1900 380/220
BL-14 160 14 15.7     3.90*1.95*3.00 2000 380/220


We support customize service,only if you tell us the following detail
1. platform height   2. loading capacity 3.the type
I will quote you as soon as possible after get the detail information.



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