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Single Mast Aluminum Lift
Single Mast Aluminum Lift

Introduction of  single mast aluminum lift

aluminium lift for workshop offer a safe, quick and easy method of reaching overhead areas. Mostly designed to lift one person,these platforms are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver.
it consists of the electro-hydraulic transmission, safe and reliable, The vertical personnel lift consists of a working platform attached to an aluminium mast that extends vertically, which in turn is mounted on a steel base.


1. High-strength aluminum alloy, reduce deflection and swing when it lift.
2. Use imported hydraulic valve and the European CE safety certification motor;
3. Lift the DC power supply, can be configured according to customer requirements;
4. Using electrical box unit with anti-leakage and overload protection;
5. Using solid state relays. No contact, no spark, vibration;
6. AC 220V (standard configuration), AC 380V power supply, DC power supply, manual pump
7. Small size, suitable for small space work, mobile and flexible.

1.Electrical control ,or manual pump control when the electricity is not available. 2.Electric control: One is hand button, which may be placed in any position on the table rail for the convenience of operation. The other is fixed on the electric-control box, which is supported with emergency stop button for prevention of any accident.
1.Depending on the local power sources.
2.The power sources can be110V 220V 380V  AC power,  DC power,or diesel power.


Aluminum lift adopt high-strength quality aluminum alloy material, with beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, flexible operation, easy to implement. Movements smooth, safe and reliable. It looks light, can play a maximum lifting capacity in a very small space. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, theaters, galleries and other places.For the maintenance of equipment, paint decoration, cleaning, replacement of electrical appliances.


Model Loading capacity (kg) Lift height (m) Working height (m) Table size (mm) Motor power (kw) Total dimesion (mm) Total weight (kg)
AL0.1-4 100 4 5.8 600×600 1.5 1300×800×1800 260
AL0.1-6 100 6 7.8 600×600 1.5 1300×800×1960 280
AL0.1-8 100 8 9.8 600×600 1.5 1380×800×1980 320
AL0.1-10 100 10 11.8 600×600 1.5 1500×800×2180 480


1. The platform equipped with antiskid plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when people works on it.
2. The work platform would equipped guardrails to guarantee the safety.
3.The lift has hydraulic overload protective organization to ensure that equipment will not lift when the load beyond its rated load capacity. The scissor lift is equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. You can open the manual dropped valve to lower the platform to the home position
4. The machine equipped single control solenoid valves to prevent the platform dropping if power failure. You can open the manual dropped valve to lower the platform to the home position.



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